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About Our Affiliate Program

The great thing about being an affiliate is you have the power to make unlimited income.

We designed this program to be easy to use and flexible. After many intense hours of studying affiliate programs we feel we have the best. No website is needed. As soon as you create an account your can start making money within minutes! If you want to get started now click the button below, if you want to learn more then read on.

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How It Works

BASIC RUNDOWN: You sign up FOR FREE as an affiliate here. You share the product links on social media or other places. When people buy, you make a commission!

MORE DETAIL: Our vision was to make this as simple as possible. Making money does not need to be hard. After you sign up as an affiliate you will be given an account page with a special number assigned just for you. You will then tour the site and find the products that you want to sell. You will see a special link at the top of the page. Grab that link and share it with your social media friends. We have also included share buttons that you can just click and share if you are on a mobile device this works real good.

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On your account page you will be able to see how many clicks and sales you generated. If you have a website you also can use the special banners provided. There is a $50 threshold. This means that you should have at least $50 in your account before your commission is paid.

  • It does not matter how much your customer tours the site. You will still get a commission off of anything that is sold.
  • No need to keep giving out special links for every product.
  • You will always get your commission and link clicks.
  • No need to worry if someone changes their mind while they are on the website. You will still make a commission if they buy something else.
  • No Need to worry if they buy more than one item, you will make a commission on total sale.
  • No Need to worry if they leave the site then come back later. It will save the session variable in the browser and you will still make your commission.
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What we offer


It is free to sign up as an affiliate.


It's very easy to make money. Just share the links on social networks, emails, forums & other places.


After your threshold is met we deposit the money in your bank or mail you a check.

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